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Sweaty Betty Goes to Rio!

I road tested the new Sweaty Betty range and… I think they’ve nailed their new season gear as they get pumped to support the sweaty road to the Rio de Janiero Olympics. You can check out more pics of the

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Summer Classes & Retreats

Check out the latest Summer class timetable and enjoy a virtual holiday through our Retreat photo’s. Summer classes are daily on the Dunsborough Foreshore and at Eagle Bay. Our stunning Nusa Lembongan Retreat is again almost sold out for 2016…Perhaps

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Raw Matcha Balls

Wondered how you can get more green tea goodness in your diet without having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night… these Raw Matcha Balls have your name on them! What’s Matcha…A tradition of Japanese culture,

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Yoga on the Go!

Yoga for when you travel… Yoga is the ultimate companion to the sport of traveling. It helps to maintain strength, balance and a sense of calm when your surroundings are new and you’re out of your comfort zones. Check out

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Fitness Junky Online

It’s not everyday you get to speak to an inspiring, grounded caring person, we wanted to seize the opportunity and interview a special yogi we love to follow – Sasha (@yogaone1). We took 5 with Sasha to ask her, ‘how

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7 Yoga Poses to do Everyday

We all know daily life can sometimes be over stimulating and stressful. Read on to find out how to improve your fkexibility, strength and overall wellbeing in just seven easy poses. Yoga teachers will tell you that practising yoga is

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Yoga to Energise

Bend, stretch and flex your way to more energy and a clearer mind in 2015. You’ve probably already set your intentions for 2015 but here’s another way to actually keep them. Practising regular yoga gives you more energy and a

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Yoga For Surfers, Part 3

Stretching post surf is essential to keep the body supple and prevent the typical tightening and knots that can develop. Spend 5-10 minutes on at least some of the following poses after each session and you’ll notice that your body

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Hip Flexors

Hands up who doesn’t have tight hip flexors…yep, that’s no one right? In a not so funny irony, both people who sit a lot (pretty much most people) and people who exercise a lot, get tight hip flexors. These muscles

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