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FAQ & more info…Bondi


With so many holidays to choose from, why is yours special?

YogaOne Ocean Earth Retreats give you a personalised Girl’s Weekender on which Sasha and Waveney plan and deliver all of the important details so they are absolutely sure about the level of service and value for money you will receive. Many other retreats utilise service providers to deliver their retreats in part or whole. Waveney and Sasha have lived and tested all the details of the Weekender, and will take each step of the journey with you, so they know you will have the highest possible standard of service, and maximum laughs!

Our Ultimate Girl’s Weekender will strike a beautiful balance between activity, rejuvenation, free time and …dancing! You will reset you metabolism, inner balance and spirit.

On the Earth, your yoga practice will blossom during this brief immersion as you explore energising, light and meditation yoga. Whether you are an absolute newby to yoga or a committed practitioner, Sasha’s experience and warmth will guide you to make meaningful progression during your stay.

Sasha ALWAYS has total beginners in class who are delighted to find that yoga doesn’t have to be super serious, stiff or intimidating. Did someone say ‘life’s too short…’.

On the Ocean, you will choose between bondi beach ocean swims, Icebergs ocean pool swims, rock pool swims or a team ocean swim in Bondi with all the local crew! Not big on swimming…no problem, Waveney is a mermaid who will ensure you have a go and have fun in your own comfort zone and if getting the toes wet doesn’t appeal, take a private yoga session or walk with Sasha.

We have selected our chosen Studio accommodation with a focus on location, location, location…as well as excellent facilities, cleanliness, quiet and safety. The Studio rooms are in Hall St Bondi, centrally located for your walking convenience.

Other Retreats might look the same on paper, but scratch the surface and these details show through.


I’m thinking of going by myself, will this work?

Sure! We’ll try to match you up with a suitable room-mate if you want to share to keep the costs down, just let us know. If you’re sharing a room, the bedding is twin beds.

I’m new to yoga or haven’t done it for a while is that ok.

Yes, Sasha will adjust the poses to suit your level and abilities. Classes are suitable for everybody and of course participation is optional. Always listen to your own body and ask for assistance or variations if you feel the need.

I haven’t tried meditation before, what should I expect?

Sasha will guide you through a couple of calming yoga poses, and then talk you through a relaxation technique to quiet the mind, before you find your bliss with a head, neck and shoulder massage. Timed before bed you’ll find your sleep improves.

Of course the nightly meditation is optional but feedback says it’s the trip highlight. With so much of a buzz during the exciting day, you’ll be depleting your energy as you immerse yourself in the fun times.

Our yoga and meditation sessions will enable you some chill time to recharge, ground and come back into your solid centre. This return to your energetic centre will keep your external energy levels balanced so you’re not left exhausted and depleted.

I’m not sure if I want to  follow the itinerary exactly is that ok?

Yes. The Itinerary is designed to maximise your experience during your stay at a steady pace. If you want to take time out to do your own thing, feel free.

The Concert venue is 1hour and 10 mins drive each way from Bondi, is transport included?

Yeah baby! We will be rocking it in style and will arrive in a stretch Hummer, complete with electric dancefloor, how outrageous!! The catch is that we have to walk home…jokes!! The Hummer will take us all home to, rumour has it via Bondi for a fresh midnight dip…

Do I need to bring my own mat or other equipment?

No. All equipment is supplied, but of course bring your own if you’d prefer.

I think I can save a few dollars on another similar retreat, what do you think?

The ‘devil is in the detail’ as they say, beware many retreats sound similar but have hidden costs and add-ons. If you want a personalised boutique experience, you’ll enjoy our retreats.

We are an original yoga, ocean experience & spa retreat for women, by women, who guarantee a caring and quality experience. The trimmings you’ll experience won’t be found on other similar priced retreats. Whilst we are continually trying to improve the price for you, we won’t compromise on selecting perfect accommodation in the best location, exquisite food and dining, safe reliable facilities, qualified instructors, fabulous treatments and cultural experiences.

What is the weather like?

Sydney enjoys a sunny, Mediterranean-style climate all year round with more than 340 sunny days per year. Autumn (March – May) is still a mild time of year in Sydney and one of the most pleasant times of the year to visit as the humidity is lower. It’s a fine time of year to soak in the natural beauty of the national parks that fringe the city. The air temperature is around 18-27 C as an average.

Do I need to be fit to join in the yoga and swim?

You need to have a general level of fitness. You don’t need to be an athlete. If you are swimming  in the ocean you need to be a competent swimmer. If you have injuries or conditions you need to let us know so we can cater for and guide you safely. The Retreats are for real women by real women so no need to feel self conscious about you body type or athletic ability, everyone has fun and there’s no pressure or competition. You challenge yourself only at the level you want to, otherwise it’s no fun hey!

Why only women?

Why not? The Women only retreat is especially designed for women to be nurtured and challenged in a non competitive environment. We’ve found guests can really relax, be themselves and chill out amongst friendly and supportive peers.

What level concert tickets are included?


Do I organise my own flights?

Yes. Schedule your flights so that you can comfortably check in at the Studios by 2pm, to get the most out of your stay!

Its about $40 for a taxi from the airport to Hal St Bondi, this is not included in your package.

We recommend Hello World Dunsborough for all your flight requirements, +61 897 553122 (ASTA accredited), tell them we sent you!

Should I bring much money to spend?

Umm hello, we’ll be in Sydney so only if you like shopping…but all your meals, treatments, tickets, stay etc  is covered.

Do I need travel and medical insurance? 

Yes its strongly advised. Guests must arrange their own travel, medical and liability insurance.

Is there Internet Access at the Studios

Yes. Free WiFi for our guests is available.

Is there an Age minimum?

Yes. Guests must be 18 years of Age or older to attend YogaOne Ocean Earth Retreats unless otherwise agreed by Management and under the supervision of a guardian.