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“Awesome. A well organised, planned retreat. Sasha and Wags gave their all. Beautiful location, people, food and surroundings. A    perfect mix of activities and relaxation, I would totally recommend to anyone!”

“Together both Sasha and Wags interacted with all the guests making each and everyone feel special. I found Sasha and Wags to be the most gracious, helpful hosts who catered for everyone’s individual needs. I loved the way Sasha personalised my yoga experience offering private or additional group sessions catering. I am a nervous ocean swimmer, Wags made the Ocean Experience so enjoyable. While in the ocean and knowing that Wags was right by my side, I overcame my nerves and fear of waves. With Wags encouragement I was able to do something I never had before; she gave me the confidence not to be scared”.

Chana, Accountant, Mother of 3, Western Australia


 “I was blown away by the two surprises in the mail. Such a nice introduction to the retreat. It was like the retreat started well before we got to the island. Bag was amazing. I love the Matcha Maiden, the hair masque, the towel, everything!”

“I had a really enjoyable time at this retreat. I was sometimes out of my comfort zone, which was a great experience when I think about it. For so many years, I have put the kids and the family first, but during this week I got to just think about me. It was refreshing, relaxing, exciting, fun and an opportunity to connect with like minded girls from other areas in Australia (& the world!). Loved every minute. Thank you for organising such a well crafted event Sasha & Waveney.”

Deb, Retreat Organiser, Mother of 3, New South Wales


 “Wow what an amazing duo!! Wags the mermaid goddess and Sasha the Earth Goddess…Truly blessed to have them lead this Retreat.”

“Life isn’t about finding yourself it’s about creating yourself. I have come a few steps closer to this after 5 days on this beautiful tropical island, rich in love and guidance from two amazing women, Waveney and Sasha. Thank you, Namaste.”

 Laura, Western Australia


 “I highly recommend the YogaOne Retreat for new experiences in a non threatening environment! Definitely a ‘tick the box’ trip for me.”



“A relaxing, yet energetic, yet calming way to experience yourself!

You will do something you have not done before!

You couldn’t ask for 2 better leaders, so experienced in their field, with an intimate knowledge of the beginner and advanced participant!

You will feel safe, nurtured, important and special!  And return home with a deep feeling of love and respect for yourself.  Rewarding on so many levels, a must do retreat!”

Coz, Physiotherapist, City Beach Western Australia


“If you are in need of a break and love a bit of adventure, Sasha and Wags are definitely the ones to guide you. Just do it, you’ll have no regrets. They will be your biggest cheerleaders and you will accomplish things you never thought you could.

I 100% recommend YogaOne retreats and would go again in a heartbeat….. Their expertise is second to none and I enjoyed every moment.

I felt revived, refreshed, relaxed, challenged and exhilarated, the perfect balance and just what a busy mum needs once in a while…. Thanks girls xx

Ali, Teacher, Quindalup Western Australia