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YogaOne Ocean Earth Retreats



  • May 23rd 2020  Nusa Lembongan                          Ocean Earth Goddess Retreat


  • May 25th 2019    Nusa Lembongan                         Ocean Earth Goddess Retreat


  • May 26th 2018    Nusa Lembongan                         Ocean Earth Goddess Retreat
  • June 23rd 2018   Nusa Lembongan                         Ocean Earth Goddess Retreat


  • May 27th 2017     Nusa Lembongan                         Ocean Earth Goddess Retreat


  • Mar 18th 2016     Bondi Beach Madonna                  Ultimate Girl’s Long Weekend                   
  • May 28th 2016     Nusa Lembongan                         Ocean Earth Goddess Retreat
  • May 21st 2016      Nusa Lembongan                         Gods & Goddesses Retreat
  • Oct 11th 2015       Dunsborough West Australia        1/2 Day Yoga/Coastal Walk
  • Oct 31st 2015       Eagle Bay  West Australia              Spring Detox Mini Retreat    
  • Nov 15th 2015      Dunsborough West Australia        1/2 Day Yoga/Surf                     
  • Dec 6th 2015        Dunsborough West Australia       1/2 Day Yoga/SUP Retreat
  • May 1st 2016        Dunsborough West Australia        1/2 Day Yoga/Cycle Retreat


YogaOne Ocean Earth Retreats will carry you through a luxurious holiday experience with a focus on health and vitality! Set in an exclusive 5 star resort on a quiet laid back tropical island, you will escape the stress and hassle of everyday life. If you’re an active, selective, adventurous type you will LOVE this Retreat.

Two fit mums, Sasha and Waveney, will guide you through a well balanced itinerary of activity including yoga, meditation, surfing, Stand Up Paddling, Snorkelling, walking and swimming. All at a self guided pace with no competition or expectation other than to relax, unwind and build your self confidence and self love. We are absolutely confident that with our gentle nurturing you will be inspired to try new things and take home a renewed focus on your health, well being and inner harmony.

Fun, laughter, ‘have a go attitudes’ and welcoming arms will create a warm and memorable holiday experience for you. Sasha, Waveney and Lisa are natural teachers and nurturing souls who embrace the philosophy of ‘helping other to reach their full potential’. You’ll wish you never had to leave! Healthy, fresh food is a focal point of the Retreat with the perfect balance of fine dining and local cuisine. We’ve carefully planned your menu options to ensure you will delight in all the culinary goodies you earn each day whilst ensuring the clean eating leaves you feeling energised not guilty.

Sunshine, warm water, green hills and sandy beaches await you. You will get reacquainted with your beautiful body and learn to love it through sensible exercise and food. Friendship will touch your heart as you share the experience, awakening and freedom with others. Even those quiet souls who come alone for rejuvenation will find their perfect balance between inward nurturing and reaching out. Because everyone is different, you’ll determine your level of participation.

Spaces are always limited and capped, so book now to avoid disappointment.

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