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Tips & Safe Practice

-Safety precautions that apply to the general practice of yoga

1. Advise your Yoga teacher of any conditions or ailments you have.
2. Those with eye problems, blood pressure or heart concerns – keep the head above the heart.
3. Talk to your doctor to ensure practicing yoga will not worsen any  conditions you currently have.
4. Don’t practice yoga under the influence of alcohol or mind altering drugs.
5. If you are pregnant, notify the instructor before attending class, for special guidelines.
6.During yoga,  keep your awareness on what you are doing. Don’t compare or compete with others in the class.  Listen to your own body and practice safely at your own edge.
7. Proceed slowly and carefully. Follow the instructions exactly.
8. Never force or strain to get into a specific position. Relax briefly between each practice.
9. Learn to distinguish between pain and sensation. The asana’s should help focus your attention soley on your edge, you should be challenged not strained. If you are in pain, you should stop.
10. Try to leave a gap between your last meal and yoga.

Tips for class

– All classes can cater for beginners. All levels are catered for by providing options in each pose and instructions to either stay at the entry level of the pose or choose to go deeper if you can maintain alignment.
– Bring your own mat or borrow one.
– Wear comfortable clothes to stretch and bend in, and a smile…
– Bring a water bottle.
– Please turn off your mobile during class.
– It is recommended to try at least 4 classes consecutively to allow yourself to get used to the rhythm and flow style.
– Don’t worry if you think “I’m not that flexible”, yoga is perfect for you, you don’t need to arrive perfect!
– Have fun!